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The journey to the perfect fit

Making a Good Shirt Last: How to Take Care of Your Clothes

Here at Ash & Erie, we know just how good it feels to find the right fit. Thousands of shorter guys have tried our Everyday Shirts and every day we’re getting emails asking when more designs are coming out. But buying a great shirt is just one part of creating a great wardrobe—once you have clothes you like, you need to preserve them! Here are a few tips on how to do just that: Take Good Care of Them It’s never fun when you outgrow your clothes. It’s even more of a bummer when you accidentally shrink your clothes while...

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Ash & Erie - A Detroit Business

Unlike most fashion companies, Ash & Erie isn’t based in California or New York. Instead, you can find us in Detroit, Michigan. Maybe you're wondering why. We’re happy to let you know why we’ve picked Detroit as the home of Ash & Erie's shorter guy clothes! Detroit has been described as a "small town in a big city,” and that’s a good way to think about our home. Detroit’s a big place, and at 142 sq. miles it's bigger than most, but it’s also a close enough community for many of its companies to work near each other, run into...

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The Best Guys' Weekend in Detroit

Its guys’ night. Whether you’re with a group of guys you used to spend weekends playing mortal kombat with in high school, the guys from your freshman hall, or your oddly competitive coworkers, this is a night for all of you to unwind. We’ve compiled a list of incredible places in The D for you to do just that, so gather up your spending money and let’s get started. Friday Night Its Friday night, and you and your friends are looking for a night filled with activities. If you’re the type of guys who like to call a rum and...

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5 Summer Must-Dos in Detroit

Summer is finally here! The long winter has passed and left behind clear blue skies that cause millions of Americans to develop the sudden desire to go outside for the first time in months. Break out your flip flops and shorts with these 5 summer must-dos in Detroit. Enjoy all that Detroit has to offer when the sun comes out! 1) Go see Justin Verlander pitch another no-hitter! (We're still bitter about that one) Comerica Park offers great food and an excellent place to watch a baseball game. Even if the Tigers aren't playing their best baseball ever, it would...

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Getting the whole picture

We spent the first eight months of Ash & Erie nailing our sizing and determining the perfect fit for the Everyday Shirts. When we finally came up with our unique sizing system, we had to show off our fit on shorter guys with a photo shoot. Get a behind the scenes tour of the product and lifestyle photo shoots below. Want to show off your better fitting Everyday Shirts? Share your photos with us by emailing or tagging us @ashanderie. Shooting the Everyday Shirt  Some pro-tips if you want to replicate doing a product shot on your own: Find a place with great...

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