Weekend Jeans: Steel Blue Edition

We get a lot of questions about our Weekend Jeans. What material are they made of? How are they different from the Essential Jeans? What do I wear them with? Which color should I get?

Rest assured, we've heard all of your questions and are happy to provide this series of posts dedicated to each color of our Weekend Jeans. In the following sections, we'll cover how your Weekend Jeans should fit, what colors to wear with them, what to pair them with, and what activities you should wear them to. Let's dive in!

On fit:

Our Weekend Jeans are the perfect in-between option of our chino pants and our essential jeans. In fact, we suggest you wear them similarly to how you wear jeans. They're made from 98% Cotton and 2% Elastane to give you the structure and support you'd be looking for in a pair of jeans, while offering a nice amount of stretch for the times you're on the go.

Waist Size

Our Weekend Jeans fit very similarly to our chino pants. They're flexible like them as well. When it comes to choosing your waist size, we suggest choosing what normally works for you while keeping in consideration that the fabric is stretchier than a normal denim material.


The rise of our Weekend Jeans is a low rise, which means they will sit low on your hips. A low rise on any kind of pant offers a more casual fit and therefore a more casual appearance.


Depending on how baggy or fitted you prefer your jeans, the general rule we suggest following is have anywhere between .5" and 1" of fabric between your thigh and the jeans themselves. A good way to test this is by pinching the fabric around your thigh and seeing how much fabric you end up with.


Our Weekend Jeans have a slim cut, meaning they're tapered but not too tight in the legs. You can use the same test mentioned above to measure whether or not your jeans are too tight or baggy in the legs.

Now that we've covered the fit of our Weekend Jeans, let's talk about the colors you should be wearing our Steel Blue pair in. 

On colors:

Our Steel Blue Weekend Jeans are a versatile pair of pants. The steel blue color is a great tone for any season, but especially Spring and Fall. In general, blue is a color that beautifully complements nature — leaves and flowers especially. In the following sections about color, feel free to mix and match as you want — personal style is meant to be personal!


When you wear a white t-shirt, button-down, or even dress shirt with our Steel Blue 5-Pocket Twill Pants, you'll create a color combo that's incredibly simple but eye-catching. Put simply, a crisp white top with olive pants just pops.


Another neutral color, grey is good to pair Steel Blue with when it feels like white is too bright for the occasion. A grey top or layer is a must when you want to show up looking effortlessly stylish.


Pairing black with Steel Blue pants is a good way to bring down the tone of your look, especially when you wear black outerwear or a black top. A simple way to implement black into your outfit would be to wear black shoes.

Now that we've established some basics when it comes to what colors to wear with your Steel Blue 5-Pocket Twill Pants, let's discuss what clothing items you can and should wear them with! 

On pairings:

Casual outfits

On Activities:

Our Steel Blue 5-Pocket Twill Pants are built for your on-the-go lifestyle. They move with your every step and provide the support you need any time you need a break. The activities you can wear them to are endless, but here are a few ideas.

Business Casual

Our Weekend Jeans are great for running errands on your days off. Slip them on and go straight to the grocery store, the drycleaners, and even a quick stroll in the park.

On a date

Knowing how versatile these pants are, you can wear these casual for a daytime date or dress them up for an evening date. Up to you!

In the office

Depending on your office dress code, our 5-Pocket Twill Pants are great to wear and pair with any of our button-downs or dress shirts for a solid office uniform.

We've covered everything there is to cover with our Steel Blue 5-Pocket Twill Pants, so we'll leave the next step to you. As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, these rules aren't hard-set and so you can choose to follow them or break them as you wish.

The Ash & Erie Difference

Building From Scratch

We’ve poured a tremendous amount of work into developing our chinos, and we hope you can feel the difference when you put it on. We work with great mills to source our cotton, and our development process is unmatched. 

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