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An ill-fitting shirt says a lot about a person, and as shorter guys we have to try harder to get that perfect fit. Here, we’ve identified three of the biggest shirt mistakes you should avoid.


Sleeves too long

Improper sleeve length looks unpolished and sloppy, and there’s nothing more obnoxious than sleeves that hang down to your knuckles, or further. Your shirt sleeves should fall just past your wrist when the cuff is unbuttoned, and the cuff should be tight enough to keep it from falling past the end of your wrist when it is buttoned. If you have a tough time finding shirts with the proper proportions, try these.


Shirt too long

A shirt that is too long can actually make you look shorter – probably the opposite of what you’re going for. When your shirt is untucked, it should fall around mid-zipper. It should never hang completely past your zipper. For shorter guys, finding shirts that are the perfect length, directly off the rack, is a nearly impossible endeavor. These might be the shirts you’ve been looking for.


Too baggy

If you’re under 5’9”, chances are you haven’t been able to buy casual or dress shirts off the rack that fit properly in the midsection, armholes and neck. The baggy shirt effect is unflattering whether you wear your shirt untucked or tucked in. Believe it or not, this model is 5’5” tall, wearing a (name-brand) size small! Every detail of the shirt is too big. Here’s a shirt that fits perfectly.

Avoid these mistakes and buy shirts that fit.

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