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Men of Great Heights

Redefining masculinity, one shorter guy at at time.

Height does not define masculinity

The perfect fit is life changing

Great style comes with great confidence

As a shorter guy myself, and co-founder of the fastest growing menswear brand for guys 5'8” and under, I’ll admit, I’m probably extra sensitive to the stigma. But it’s true; short guys have a harder time dating, we’re the last to be chosen for a pickup game of b-ball, and according to some studies, we’ll make less money than our taller peers.

Long story short, we're challenging the stereotype, redefining masculinity for guys our size, and proving that we can be just as powerful, capable, and confident. Our "Men of Great Heights” campaign will showcase men 5'8" and under.

A number of our customers will be featured. All are real men - no one is making a career out of modeling (as if that’s an option for short guys). Just a bunch of shorter guys challenging stereotypes, breaking down barriers, redefining masculinity, and looking great doing it.

Steven Mazur - 5'6"
CEO & Co-Founder