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Wish your clothes fit better? We did too.

Everyone wants to look and feel good in their clothes–but for shorter men, it’s not so easy.

We had searched for clothes that fit the way we wanted without the need for expensive tailoring. Clothes that fit us well and had the right proportions in the length, collar, and sleeves. Why couldn’t shorter men have clothes that fit well, right out of the box?

We experimented for months and tested designs on dozens of men 5’8” and under to refine each part of our garments to look and feel great on guys our size. The result is an entire lineup of menswear that fits great, right of the box–no tailoring required.

Headshot of co-founder Steven
Headshot of co-founder Eric

Steven and Eric
Co-founders of Ash & Erie


The Ash & Erie Difference

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"Indeed, the longer I wore the shirts, the more natural they felt—and the less alien my reflection seemed when I glimpsed myself in the mirror."

“I saw the Big and Tall stores all the time. I always wondered why we didn’t have a Short and Small. Everybody was excluding us.”

"Brought to us by the people of Ash & Erie, whose mission is to make clothes that flatter and complement the look of shorter men."

We started from scratch

All of our designs are created from the ground up to fit short men. The inseam, sleeve length and proportions of our garments are optimized to look and feel right, straight out of the package.

Save time, stay sharp

With fits that are designed for your body type from the start, you can save the time, money and hassle of having to take your clothes into a tailor to get fit right. Skip the hassle and get straight to the good part of a new outfit!

Premium materials

We don’t use cheap materials, period. We use high-quality fabrics that feel great, fit well, and will last. At Ash & Erie, our goal is to provide quality that you can’t deny.

Look better, feel better

Better fitting clothes means you’ll be looking your best at that next date, job interview, or night out with friends. It’s true, looking better means feeling better and more confident in yourself, and you deserve it!

As seen on Shark Tank

Ash & Erie was founded in the USA by two entrepreneurs who couldn’t find clothes that fit well, so they set out to solve this problem and have sold millions of items to men all over the country since they began in 2015.

Over 10,000 5 star reviews

"After trying other brands, ever having jeans tailored to my length and still not fitting right, I tried Ash & Erie. A perfect fit straight out of the box, I was so pumped!"

Lance G.

"It is incredible to be able to order clothes (especially pants) that fit perfectly with no alterations! The quality is also excellent! Thank you Ash & Erie!"

Jeff S.

"Ash & Erie's quality is unmatched in the shorter man category. Super happy with my purchases so far! I look forward to them expanding the line...I want to buy more"

Jeff H.

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