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After trying other brands, ever having jeans tailored to my length and still not fitting right, I tried Ash & Erie. A perfect fit straight out of the box, I was so pumped!

Lance G.

It is incredible to be able to order clothes (especially pants) that fit perfectly with no alterations! The quality is also excellent! Thank you Ash & Erie!

Jeff S.

Ash & Erie's quality is unmatched in the shorter man category. Super happy with my purchases so far! I look forward to them expanding the line...

Jeff H.

Highlights from our blog

Jeans for Short Men

For us shorter men, buying a new pair of jeans is always a challenge. Let’s face it — modern-day jeans weren’t made with our stature in mind. For that reason, we decided to completely redesign the jean from scratch. 

The Guide to Jeans for Short Men

Chinos for Short Men

Chinos are one of the most important pieces in a man's wardrobe. They’re a great choice for an elevated casual look, and they’re incredibly versatile. Dressed up or down, chinos are a staple piece in a sharply dressed man’s wardrobe. 

The Guide to Chinos for Short Men

Shirts for Short Men

This is Ash & Erie’s official guide to how a casual, untucked shirt should fit. We’ll be specifically talking about the fit of collared button-downs. The right casual button-down makes the perfect choice for many of the social and professional functions in our lives.

The Guide to Shirts for Short Men

Sweaters for Short Men

Sweaters are key items to have in your wardrobe. They are versatile and elevate any look. However, there are some common mistakes that can make or break an outfit, which we’ll cover below.

The Guide to Sweaters for Short Men

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