Bringing confidence to every short man in the world

We exist for short men

Our mission is to help short men look and feel their best to have the confidence that they deserve. We do that by creating the best possible clothes for guys like us - men 5’8” and below - and building a community who support each other.

Short men aren't taken seriously

On the field

Being picked last and told that we aren’t tall, strong, or masculine enough

When Dating

People won’t even talk to or connect with men below a certain height

At work

Short men aren’t viewed as good leaders and are ignored when considered for promotions


We’re proud of our height, and we believe that we can achieve anything we set out to do.  Shorter men are fathers, athletes, partners, and so much more.  Shorter men are (great) men.

NBA All-star


“The Dilemma, As Tyrone (Muggsy) Bogues sized it up, was that the pants to the dinosaur costume were too long, not that his legs were too short.”

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Ken Rosenthal

“You have to have your own style in the end. It has to be your way of telling stories, your way of putting words together, your way of reporting.”

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Clothes that give you fit, style and confidence

Try on shirts, jeans, and more designed from the ground up just for men our size. Don’t settle for anything less.