Getting the whole picture

We spent the first eight months of Ash & Erie nailing our sizing and determining the perfect fit for the Everyday Shirts. When we finally came up with our unique sizing system, we had to show off our fit on shorter guys with a photo shoot.

Get a behind the scenes tour of the product and lifestyle photo shoots below.

Want to show off your better fitting Everyday Shirts? Share your photos with us by emailing or tagging us @ashanderie.

Shooting the Everyday Shirt

Some pro-tips if you want to replicate doing a product shot on your own:

  • Find a place with great lighting (that can be natural or artificial like we did)
  • Iron and steam your fabrics so that they look crisp
  • Mark out the photo frame to make sure your shirts are centered, we used wooden blocks to arrange each shirt on the white backdrop
  • You might have to get creative and prop up the top of the shirt to achieve the right angle in your photos

Shooting the lifestyle

Our first location at the Detroit West Riverfront Park. Did you know that Canada is actually south of Detroit?

We wanted to show off Downtown Detroit and shot our second location in front of Comerica Bank on Fort St. 

Our last shoot took place at Hart Plaza. On the steps where the famous Detroit Jazz Festival and the Movement Electronic Music Festival take place. 

We're proud to be a Detroit brand. All three of our locations took place in and around Downtown Detroit. We let the backdrops of each photo speak for itself. Natural lighting and clever positioning enabled us to get some amazing shots.

One of our final photos in front of the Comerica Bank on Fort St.

Some pro-tips for doing a photo shoot outside:

  • Find engaging locations that can make the photo more interesting
  • Go at the right time, natural lighting can make or break a photo
  • Bring tools to redirect light to the areas you want to focus on
  • Understand the tone you want the photo to portray, we made sure to make ours vibrant, bright, and happy

Ash & Anvil modelsThree of our models (from left to right): James, Austin, and Seun

To help us model of Everyday Shirts, we put together a good looking group of our friends who spent half a day with us posing for individual and group shots. These same guys helped us develop our unique fit! 

We want to hear from you! Have questions or comments about our photo shoots? Send us an email at!

Steven and Eric

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