The Ash & Erie Vision

Ash & Erie was founded to help shorter guys of all shapes and sizes find clothes that properly fit and make them look great. Our goal is to bring that unique experience that comes when you try on that perfect fitting shirt to the 25% of guys 5’8” and under. 

Shorter guys struggle to find clothes that fit well. We have two options: shop online hoping to find the right fit or go to a tailor. Our shopping experience is limited, time-consuming, and expensive.

Throughout my adult life, I have experienced this dilemma first-hand. Off the rack clothes never fit quite right. I have had to tailor too many pairs of paints and have rarely been lucky enough to find a shirt that doesn't fall to my knees. While my taller friends could find affordable new clothes in minutes, it often took me hours and cost significantly to get them tailored. 

Ash & Erie is creating clothes to fill this need and gap in men’s clothing. We’re committed to bringing all shorter guys the perfect everyday clothes. While we’re starting with shirts, our collection will eventually feature all wardrobe staples. Our shirts are designed with our audience in mind, sporting a shorter length, shorter sleeves, narrow collars, and an overall fit that is more flattering.

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