The Best Guys' Weekend in Detroit

Its guys’ night. Whether you’re with a group of guys you used to spend weekends playing mortal kombat with in high school, the guys from your freshman hall, or your oddly competitive coworkers, this is a night for all of you to unwind. We’ve compiled a list of incredible places in The D for you to do just that, so gather up your spending money and let’s get started.

Friday Night

Its Friday night, and you and your friends are looking for a night filled with activities. If you’re the type of guys who like to call a rum and coke a “cuba libre” this is definitely the night for you. You start the night at Wright & Company for dinner. The atmosphere is rustic upscale Detroit with old school chandeliers, a cool marble topped bar, and exposed brick walls. This is sophistication at its finest. The meals come in small plates, so they come fast and go down even faster (their pork belly sliders could cause a riot), and their drinks are classy and flavorful but still strong.

After dinner, if your crew doesn’t feel liquored up enough, take an Uber to The Keep for after dinner drinks. A modern day speakeasy, The Keep will bring out the “Al Capone during prohibition” fervor that a guy’s night requires. Finally, if your group isn’t a fan of ethanol enabled fun, the best cigar bar in all of Detroit, La Casa De La Habana, is always a great place to end the night. Whether you’re a novice smoker or a chimney stack, La Casa promises that they have the right cigar for you. This is the perfect place to close the night, with live music and cigars.

Saturday Night

If your group really loves beer, and you feel shame when you see anyone drinking a beer with light in the name, then you should spend Saturday a bit like the following. The most ideal spot for a guy’s night on the town is a brewery, and lucky for all of us guys, Detroit knows beer. The brewery we suggest to continue whetting your whistle is the infamous Atwater Brewery. Atwater has classics like the Going Steady IPA and the Dirty Blonde Ale (with an extra serving of puns), an incredible wheat session ale, that are ready on tap for any occasion. Even Atwater’s motto speaks to the occasion “We drink all we can, and then we sell the rest”!

After a great pregame, the place to spend Saturday evening is Greektown. Greektown is well known in Detroit as the place to go for all-encompassing entertainment. From the Greektown Casino to different shops, bars, and restaurants, Greektown is perfect for a night on the town. The casino is ideal if you’re looking to hit the jackpot at the slots, or act like you’re 21 again.

Sunday Night

It’s a lazy Sunday, and you have finally found the time to meet up with your pals. Start at Green Dot Stables for brunch, cheap and incredible sliders, and very cheap craft beer. This laid back Midwestern “stable” environment will have you guys shouting witty banter about each other’s fantasy football lineups across the table.

After lunch, the perfect activity to get the competitive juices flowing is fowling (football + bowling + cornhole). Detroit natives know all about fowling, a game where opposition teams (singles or doubles) take turns throwing a regulation football at 10 bowling pins positioned in a traditional bowling layout. The game is played almost like cornhole, and the winner of the game is the first one to knock over all of the pins. The fowling warehouse is fowling central for Detroit natives!

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