Holiday Styles For Short Men: A Guide

Find the perfect outfit for every holiday occasion

It’s tough picking out the perfect outfit for every holiday occasion. It’s especially difficult for us short men who have a tough time finding clothes that fit well. Do you dress up? Do you dress down? What will your in-laws wear? Should you wear neutral colors, or festive colors? Should you layer up, or should you dress to stay inside? There are so many questions short men like us often feel like we have to answer before choosing our outfits for the holiday season. 

We’re here to help. In this guide, we’ll go over several timeless outfits and holiday styles for short men you can choose from to make sure you make a great impression during any holiday occasion. 

Christmas dinner styles for short men 

The Christmas dinner table is a place where you should feel comfortable, no matter whose house you’re at. When it comes to choosing an outfit that fits shorter men like yourself, the most important thing to remember is your clothes need to fit well. When you have the fit of your clothes down, you automatically upgrade your style. Don’t worry about choosing the right pattern, color, or accessories before you nail the fit of your clothes. 

Once you have fit covered you can start to think about everything else, such as the colors you should wear, the patterns you should match, and the accessories you want to show off. If you’re attending a dinner party where you expect everyone else to be relatively casual, then you can get by with a nice simple button-down shirt for short men. Depending on how festive your family—or loved ones—are, you can opt for a nice holiday color. We suggest keeping it neutral and wearing a nice solid color or a simple plaid button-down shirt. If you want to dress it up a tiny bit, you can add a merino wool sweater made just for short men. 

If you’re expected to dress up, then we recommend a simple dress shirt paired with a nice pair of chino pants. For example, navy chinos paired with a light blue dress shirt. This look is definitely one that will impress whoever is eyeing you and your personal style at the dinner table.

While these are simple suggestions, feel free to explore more Christmas dinner outfit ideas with our full guide to holiday dinner styles.

Short men’s style for a cozy holiday date night

Have a significant other you’re planning on cozying up with this holiday season? Then you’ll definitely want to opt for something casual. Outfit-wise, that is. You can throw on something thick like this sweatshirt, or you can layer down with a henley for short men as an excuse to get cuddly under a blanket. Wear them with a nice pair of denim jeans that have just enough stretch for you to curl up on the couch with your boo.

Short men’s style for outdoor holiday activities

Braving the cold winter for the holidays? Stay warm and layer up with a long-sleeve t-shirt and a chunky knit sweater on top. Going ice skating at the local rink? Throw on a pair of weekend jeans paired with a sweater / button-down shirt for short men combination to make sure you won’t look too bad if you slip on the ice. Finally, winter outfits that will feel good, look good, and actually fit.

Short men’s style for holiday parties and New Year’s Eve celebrations

Celebrate the holidays and bring in New Year’s with a wrinkle-free button-down shirt that’s guaranteed to help you get a New Year’s kiss. They’re soft to the touch, so thank us later when your date is getting a feel for the quality craftsmanship. Since they won’t wrinkle, you can dance all night without worrying about looking like you rushed out the door.

Design thoughtfully crafted for short men

No matter what you’re doing this holiday season, Ash & Erie has you covered with clothes thoughtfully designed for short men.