Fit Model for Ash & Erie

We’re Ash & Erie, the first major brand for shorter men. We’re a small team based in downtown Detroit and dedicated to helping men 5’8” and below look and feel their best. It goes beyond shirts, pants, patterns, and even fit. It’s the feeling of confidence knowing that there’s an entire brand that believes your height is perfect.

As a Fit Model at Ash & Erie, you will be an integral part of our design and product development process. You will work closely with our design and production teams to provide real-time feedback on garment fit, comfort, and overall wearability.

This is a part-time, freelance non-traditional modeling role focused solely on fittings, where your insights will directly impact the quality and design of our clothing. Your role will be pivotal in ensuring that our clothes meet the highest standards of fit and style.

We are looking for all sizes, from XS to XXL and 28 to 40 waist sizes!

  • Wear and assess prototypes, samples, and production garments to provide feedback on fit, comfort, and construction.
  • Pose and move as directed by the design team to evaluate how garments perform during different activities and postures.
  • Attend regular fitting sessions, offering insights that contribute to the continuous improvement of our products.
  • Maintain professionalism and punctuality during fittings and interactions with the design team.
  • Height must be below 5’8”.
  • Must be comfortable completing fittings in person at our downtown Detroit office.
  • Must be comfortable with our product team taking body measurements, including but not limited to height, weight, chest, neck etc.
  • Strong communication skills, with an ability to provide articulate and constructive feedback on garment fit and comfort.
  • Comfortable with prolonged standing, posing, and providing feedback during fittings.
  • Prior experience as a fit model or in the fashion industry is a plus, but not mandatory.

This is a part-time, freelance position based at our Detroit office.

If it sounds like a good fit (pun intended!), we would love to hear from you! Please click here to apply.