What break is best on pants for short men?

Jean break refers to where the bottom of your pants start stacking. You can have no break or you can have many breaks. If your jeans are too long, you will have many breaks in the denim. Traditional men’s clothing retailers do not design clothes for us men 5’8” and under. Therefore, many of us end up wearing jeans that are way too long for us, creating too many breaks and looking like they need to be hemmed.

Having no breaks means your pants will sit just above your shoe. This style works well with jeans that have a slimmer fit like ours! No breaks or just a slight break has a more sharp and modern style than having too many breaks.

Short men like us should avoid having a full break or many breaks, as it makes our jeans look too long and our legs look shorter. Rather, opt for no break or a slight break. This means your jeans should hit the top of your shoes or break right over them.

The amount of breaks you have depends on your inseam. If you’re wearing jeans that are too long, you will have many breaks. Rather, opt for an inseam from 25-29” that fits shorter men 5’8” and below perfectly. 

To learn more about styling and dressing up jeans, check out our guide to jeans for short men.

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