Why is it so difficult to find clothes for short men?

It is difficult to find clothes for short men because the fashion industry designs clothes based on fit models. For traditional men’s clothing, the standard fit model is 6’2'' tall. While that is great for taller men, clothes designed for someone that tall don’t fit men who are 5’8” and below. Traditional men’s clothes are too long, too baggy, and don’t look right, but shorter men haven’t had any other choices.

In order to cut costs, mass retailers design just one size that they hope will work for everyone. Even though the average height for men is 5’10”, men’s clothing retailers still use 6’2” fit models. Over the years, we’ve seen some retailers develop clothes for bodies that do not fit the “average” mold: women’s petite, women’s plus size, and men’s big and tall. But shorter men’s clothes are still missing from the industry.

That’s why we started Ash & Erie. Our goal is to design the best possible clothes for men 5’8” and below. We’ve spent thousands of hours conducting fittings on hundreds of men to find the perfect fit for men our size. Our mission is to help guys like us look and feel their best! We want to provide the shopping experience that shorter men deserve and a great fit with no alterations needed. We've also created a blog to discuss tips and tricks surrounding fashion for short men.

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