What is the best style of jeans for short men?

The best style of jeans for short men is subject to the eyes of the beholder. However, for us shorter men, regardless of personal style, there are some universal considerations. First, do not wear baggy jeans. Most jeans from traditional brands are designed for 6’2” fit models, which means they look too long and baggy on guys our height. That’s why we’ve created our unique fit that we like to call “slim, but not tight” based on thousands of fittings with men our size.

Next, you should consider the break of your jeans, or where the bottom of your pants start stacking. Having too many breaks gives off the illusion that you’re shorter. We suggest having just a small break in your jeans. Wearing the correct inseam allows you to have the correct break. While most traditional retailers offer inseams of 30” and above, we offer inseams of 25"-29" so that you can find your perfect fit! Want to learn how to measure the inseam of your pants? See our recommendations here.

Traditional retailers design their jeans for 6’2” models. Unfortunately, this means that every detail is wrong for guys our size. It’s not just the fit or the inseam, but every detail is scaled for taller men. From the size and placement of the back pockets to the distress marks on the knees, jeans from traditional retailers do not fit shorter men well.

There is good news though! We have completely redesigned jeans to fit men 5’8” and under perfectly. Not only do our jeans have a slimmer fit and fewer breaks, but we’ve also thought through every detail down to the stitching. Looking to try out the perfect style of jeans for short men? With free exchanges and returns, it’s risk-free to try us out!

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